Omnimo UI
Stylish, futuristic, powerful and free.
The Information Center for your Desktop

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Extensively Customizable

Omnimo comes with hundreds of widgets that you can use on your desktop. Everything can be customized precisely to your liking.

Simple to Use and Manage

Easy installation, easy removal. 8* Languages. An out of the box experience. All you need is imagination to arrange it the way you like.

Light as a Feather

Despite being the most powerful suite, Omnimo is incredibly light on your PC resources. It won’t slow down your computer.

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What's new?

Check out the new features we included in Omnimo 6.1

Modernised Design

Icons, themes and resources have been updated to reflect the newest trends

Lite Version

Bloaty mega theme? No problem! We included a 4MB Lite version with bare essentials.

Bug fixes and more

It's been a long time since we updated Omnimo. Now it's better than ever.