Sorry about that!

We tried our best to provide a fantastic user experience for you from the start

But it seems that due to reasons outside of our control, your Antivirus likely removed some modules in Omnimo. Of course, we want nothing more than a perfect experience for you, so we collected some helpful notes on the matter below:

I couldn't even download Omnimo, the file was blocked:

Tough one! A few weeks ago we noticed that MS Edge and maybe some other browsers have become very aggressive as to what they let you download.

Possible Solutions:

Try another browser, maybe it won't block it

Try the LITE version, as it doesn't include the installer

Ask a friend to download and send it to you

I don't trust it now!

Understandable, however rest assured as there's nothing in there, we've been building this Skin for 10 years now and we never had an actual virus in it, only false positives

See the Virustotal analysis:

Moreover, you can look at the source code on GitHub, and actually just grab the files from there if you want

Omnimo on GitHub

What we're doing to help

At this time we're trying to reach out to browser vendors so they leave our poor app alone :<

I managed to install Omnimo:

What are these modules?

These modules extend the functionality of Omnimo 10 far beyond what's possible with Rainmeter. They let you configure, resize, recolor most Items, manage layouts, and do all sorts of useful things that Rainmeter can't.

Are they safe?

These modules were written in AutoIT - a scripting language for Windows. They contain standard functions and their only purpose is to work with Omnimo and only within their respective folders.

Why were they blocked?

Omnimo 10 is a brand new release, so these modules are something that many antiviruses haven't "seen". The more paranoid ones decide to outright block them for that reason.

Could they be a virus?

If you downloaded Omnimo from or GitHub, or any other safe site (Softpedia, Chip, etc), then there's no chance these can be a virus. Our project is Open Source, meaning everyone can take a look at the code, and even compile these apps for themselves :) Here's our Github

Can I use Omnimo without them?

Yes you can, but in a severely limited mode. Many features won't work, so it will be mostly a cosmetic item.

What can I do to restore these modules?

Given the option, in your Antivirus, select to "Un-quarantine" the blocked apps. The following modules should be whitelisted: Config.exe, MultiManager.exe, OmnimoApp.exe, ActivePanels.exe, ConfigBackground.exe, PanelCreator.exe to be able to use all features. You may need to reinstall Omnimo after that. If you get this same message after the reinstallation, then it didn't work.

What can I do to help?

If you could send us your Antivirus log, or a screenshot of the detection to our email we would get in touch with the AV vendor and work together to resolve this false positive.